Tuesday, April 24, 2012

OOTD and Shopping Haul

Sadly, I have been leading a very uninteresting life for the last few weeks and have had almost nothing to report! However, in my boredom, I have been doing a lot of online shopping, and have quite a little haul going, as well as an OOTD.

Here was what I wore today~ I bought this lovely scarf at Target and have been DYING to wear it. I got to many compliments in my bio class; a couple of my classmates even started calling me Marilyn Monroe haha! 

Now, my little internet haul:

I bought these three tank tops from Forever 21. (I do a ridiculous amount of shopping there, my mum jokes that I singlehandedly keep them in business haha)

One of the pieces I'm most proud of is this dress. It's my first official brand lolita style dress from Innocent World! The second I put it on, I felt so lovely, like a little doll. 

I bought this teeny Bambi wall hanging thinking it was going to be much bigger (oops, shoulda read the description). I still absolutely love it. And because it ended up only being six inches tall, I was able to find a place for it near my Bambi painting!

This, I didn't actually buy, but was gifted from my aunt. My dad went to visit his family in Kansas along with his brother and sister and while they were out shopping, my aunt saw this in a thrift store and knew I had to have it! I guess successful thrifting runs in the family.

I've been working on putting together a new charm bracelet for myself using the absolutely adorable charms from Juicy Couture. You can find really good deals on eBay, which is where I do much of my shopping for these charms. I've had my eye on this limited edition hot cocoa charm for some time, but have never found a reasonable deal or have been outbit. Recently, I found one that was right in my price range and snagged it! I now have 4 charms (a sewing machine, a box of french fries, a pot of gold, and now my cocoa charm)

I've also recently bought a Kindle (which I have no photos of) which I'm very excited about! So any of my lovies who have a Kindle and want to recommend e-books, or my lovies who just want to recommend regular books, I'm very eager to start reading!


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  2. Hy beautiful! Love your post! what do u say about following each other?:X