Friday, June 29, 2012

My Week Via Instagram

My week has been pretty eventful, actually! A nice change of pace, because this was a good busy.


I went shopping with my mom and my nana. While we mostly looked for things for my nana, I did find these super cute shoes (on sale) and my nana bought them for me! They are SO cute and comfy, and my first pair of peep-toed shoes. 


You may have noticed I skipped Tuesday. That's because I don't remember what I did on Tuesday haha. But Wednesday, I FINALLY finished a blanket I started working on sometime in March. I started when I had a TONNE of left over fabric and made a little quilt. During a run to Joann's, I found this cake pop fabric and knew I had to have it. It matched perfectly! And I even have just enough left over fabric to make myself a new pair of bloomers~


Thursday morning, I had a doctor's appointment. My doctor suspects that I have an ulcer and sent me to get blood work done. The nurse over at Quest Diagnostics made a joke as he took blood, "Okay, no kicking or punching," and I joked back, "Honestly, I'm more likely to faint". I maybe shouldn't have said that, because I DID end up fainting after he was done taking blood! Luckily, I recognized the signs before I stood up (I completely lost my hearing in my right ear!) and he told me to put my head on a headrest. As soon as I put my head down, I was out. I wasn't out for very long, but it was still a little scary. They had me lay down in a dark room for about 20 minutes and gave me lots of water before letting me leave.


Which is today! I had all day to do absolutely nothing, so I decided to get started on my Summer To-Do list. I don't know about any of you, but I LOVE to-do lists! A lot of people look at them as a list of chores looming over their head, but I love accomplishing little things on my list and getting to mark them off when I'm done. Summer time is especially my favourite time to do these things because as much as I like relaxing, I can only sit and do nothing for a few hours! Number one on my list: finish painting my bathroom. I started this last summer and just finished doing it today! I'm so in love with the colour. 

How have all your weeks been? 

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Care Package from Poppy

Today, I got a lovely surprise on my doorstep, thanks to my wonderful semi-sister Poppy! We often send each other care packages, so while this occurrence isn't rare, it's still just as exciting every time. 

My lovely little box waiting for me on my porch!

Some of the goodies that I got were food! Hello Panda cookies, Hello Kitty Yan Yan, and Chocolate wine. That's right. CHOCOLATE. WINE.

Another bunch of little goodies were stationary! A Princess and the Frog notebook, stickers, some kick ass book marks, and an invisible ink pen! The ink is black light activated, so the pen cap has a little black light at the top. We both may be 21, but we are TOTALLY sending each other secret message letters.

The last goodies I got was this DELICIOUS smelling bath bomb that smells like a strawberry milkshake, and this adorable little...I'm not quite sure what to call it. They're little chicks beaded together on a string with a brass bell at the bottom, made in India. It's so adorable! 

A big thanks to my sister Poppy for sending me the lovely package, and a big congratulations to her for graduating with her bachelors in Evolutionary Anthropology at the age of 21! You go Poppy! Love you~