Friday, April 6, 2012

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes and Blogger App

Last week I successfully attempted a new recipe from a Disney recipe book my mum bought me for my birthday. Pink Lemonade cupcakes! I brought them to work to share with all my girls as a trial run, and they all loved them. One of them loved them so much, she asked me to make a batch for her daughter's baby shower. And here are my batch I whipped together for her. They turned out so precious, I just had to share them!

This is also my first time writing from my Blogger app for the iPhone. Here's to hoping I'll be making more mobile posts later! Next week is -another- trip to Disneyland that I'll of course have to blog about.


  1. Awww * w* such an awsome idea to put straws in them! :D I must try that once! ^^

    1. I should send you the recipe! They're SO delicious and easy to make! Plus, they'd go so well with your wardrobe :3