Friday, January 20, 2012

Eff The Ocean, Let's Go To Disneyland!

Yesterday was quite the magical day~

You see, what started off as a trip to the beach ended with a trip to, you guessed it, Disneyland. I picked up Britani around 10:30 and it was so great to see her again! We only get to see each other once a year, so it's always such a treat. It's amazing how, no matter how long we go without seeing each other, when we get back together, we fall right back into sync like we were never separated before.
We got on the freeway and started driving toward the coast, which is roughly a 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive. Around half way there, I was talking about Disneyland when Britani says, "Why are we going to the beach? Eff the beach, let's go to Disneyland!"
We ended up getting to Disneyland around 1 (because we had to stop for In N Out on the way!) and the park was basically empty. She bought her ticket and I had my season pass. When we went up to the counter, it wouldn't read her ticket or my pass, but the lady was kind enough to let us in without any hassle.
We ended up not waiting for any more than 10 minutes for ANY ride. It was a relief to have a Star Wars nerd with me, also, because we got to ride Star Tours a million times. We even made silly jokes, like telling people to "live long and prosper" and see how many people would be visibly upset at us saying lines from Star Trek. At one point on the ride, C3PO had said, "This is madness!" and I yelled out "THIS. IS. STAR WARS!" Sadly, only Britani thought that was funny.
I explained to her that I always want to take pictures with characters and have met almost every princess and most of the characters. The number one on my list was to take a picture with a Storm Trooper. All day, we didn't think too much of it, until we got off of Star Tours for the buhjillionth time. We were on our way to a bathroom when Britani yells "STORRRRRRRRM TROOPERSSSSSSSS!". I turn around and see them, then go running into the line. My Disney Dream had come true!
As we headed into Adventure Land, some people approached us and gave us Fast Passes for the Indiana Jones ride. Indie is one of my top favourite rides in the park. We ran to the ride and the Fast Passes were able to be used right then. Before the ride starts, your guide tells you "And whatever you do, don't look the idol in the eyes!" And as you round the corner, there's the idol. Britani and I yelled "DON'T LOOK INTO ITS EYES!" His eyes glow and he says "LOOK INTO MY EYESSSS". You round another corner and, there's Indie, saying "You had to look in its eyes, didn't you?" and we yelled at him, "WE TOLD EM NOT TO, INDIE, I SWEAR!"
We ended up leaving the park around 6, simply because we had done everything. We took almost no pictures, as you can see, and figured that because the lines were so short, we had no time to take pictures. A curse that often happens to my group at Disneyland.

All in all, a dream trip for me and Britani. I can't wait for us to go to Disneyland again next year when she visits.


  1. So spontaneous and so much fun! I want to go to Disneyland on Feb 29 for leap year! I am so jelly you shared this magical moment with your best friend :( I lost touch of mine long ago but that;s not worth telling :) But hey, a picture with a storm trooper, now I am very jealous !!

    Mary from ♥ ♥

    1. Ooh, leap year sounds like a good day to go. Who knows, you'll probably see me running around that day too! haha

  2. Aw man, this makes me wish I was still on my senior trip at Disney World. I miss it soo much! We got to see the Jedi training thing with the little kids where they have to face Darth Vader, it was the cutest thing.

    1. Oh my goodness, I saw the Jedi training at Disneyland and only caught the kids fighting Darth Maul. I can only imagine how cool a kid must feel coming back. "What'd you do on your break? Oh, you went to the Grand Canyon? Well, I defeated the Dark Sith Lord, no big deal"

  3. Hi MZ! I'm giving you this Cute Blog Award. You deserve it as much as I do. :)

  4. Hey MZ, I'd just like you to know that I've added your blog to my blog community. See Blogroll. Most of my blog friends are there. :)