Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cake Batter Rice Crispy Treats

Hello Ladies! I thought today I would share another recipe I came across and tried because it is wonderful!

I love, love, LOVE desserts. Especially cakes and rice crispy treats. So when I serendipitously came across a recipe for Cake Batter Rice Crispy Treats, I kind of needed to try it. I found it through a tumblr called "Food Porn" which only posts photos of delicious looking foods and occasionally recipes. I saw the post and it linked to another blog that I quickly fell in love with called "Chef In Training". It was a simple recipe that I knew I had to try immediately. So I donned my apron and whipped it together!

The recipe:
1 bag of mini marshmallows
6 cups rice crispy cereal
1/3-2/3 cup cake batter
3 tbsp butter or margarine

In the Chef In Training recipe, she recommends yellow cake batter. I like yellow cake batter, but I LOVE white cake batter, so I opted for white. She also uses sprinkles in hers, and while I love sprinkles, I decided not to use them the first time I made them.
It follows like a regular rice crispy recipe. Melt the 3 tbsp of butter in a large pot, then add marshmallows. There will never be anything as beautiful to me as when the marshmallows puff up and start to melt~
When the marshmallows are all melted, slowly add the cake batter. One spoon at a time is recommended until you get the desired cake batter taste. I used 2/3 cups of cake batter because I can never get enough of the taste. My marshmallow fluff looked a little more yellow than I thought it would, but it still tasted fantastic.
Then you add it the rice crispies. I added 2 cups at a time to try to mix it evenly. After that, I poured it into a cake pan and let it cool.
After about 30-45 minutes, I cut them into squares. They were still really warm and soft, so they kind of molded into each other after they were stacked. But they were absolutely delicious~

I hope everyone enjoyed this! And I'll attempt to start blogging more


  1. These look delicious! I have a special addiction to rice crispy(s) but since I am trying to lose weight, I am fighting the battle right now.

    But they sure look delicious.