Wednesday, July 25, 2012


My last two weeks have been so much fun! It's been a bit of a blur because so much happened! Luckily, Instagram helps me keep track.

My sister, Poppy, was back from Davis (she just graduated with her B.S!) and so we had to go hang out! We also met our other sister, Ani, and Poppy brought her boyfriend Alex. This is Poppy's sexy face, by the way.

Poppy didn't finish her salad, so Ani and I told her she wasn't allowed to have any cheesecake!

This is my cheesecake (and it was delicious). White chocolate raspberry truffle~

We went back to Poppy's house, and I got to see her cat Joey, whom I haven't seen in almost 5 years. He got so fat!

I also got a lovely pair of Timberland boots in the mail, and was SUPER excited about it.

The next day, I went to the beach, and got sun poisoning :c It was all the way from my thighs down to my ankles, and the burn unfortunately went all the way down to the muscle. Sadly, once it started to heal, one patch became a second degree burn that's still healing now!

Throughout the last two weeks, I've had to take both my dogs to the groomers. It was their first time being professionally groomed, so it was stressful for the poor things. Huckleberry was so scared of everything, but did such a good job! He deserved a special reward for being good.

Wyatt was just as unhappy, but did a really good job. He sat in my lap the whole drive there and smiled at all the people in PetSmart. The groomers all said he was so sweet and they'd love to have him back. I'm so proud of our little boys!

My lovely friend, Lor, has been getting a lot of fan art lately and said how much she loves when people draw her, so I just HAD to jump in on this opportunity. Here is the drawing I did of her (which she LOVED!) It feels so good to draw again, so I definitely have to keep this up.

Then yesterday, I took yet another trip to Disneyland! I went with three friends (who are all siblings) and we had SO much fun! We just went for a short trip (Oh, the benefits of living in Southern California and having season passes) and it was just lovely.

We also headed over to California Adventure where we had to ride the Tower of Terror and take some photos. Our picture for TOT was amazing, but unfortunately I'm a scatterbrain and left it in their car when they dropped me off. We had SO much fun. We're excited to go back for a whole day and see what we can accomplish.

I hope everyone's been having lovely adventures during their summer!


  1. You've won my Liebster award!

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I don't know what to say ;A;