Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Week

Yikes, it seems like I have this really bad habit of saying I'm going to come back and post, and then disappearing! Bad MZ, bad!

Anywho, I'd like to sum up my week with a wall of text and a few photos~

School: I started a new semester at school on the thirteenth. I go to school from noon until nine thirty on Mondays, so you'd bet I was prepared! Just kidding, I ended up not charging any of my electronic devices with internet access, so when they ended up switching my Bio class's room last minute, I was unable to look it up and ended up being twenty minutes late. My teacher was an absolute sweetheart, though (thankfully!)

Vann's Birthday (Valentine's Day): February 14th is not only Valentine's day, but also my fatcat, Vann's birthday! He is officially seven years old! I typically end up sans Valentine, but that's okay because I feel that my big kitten's birthday is a better reason to celebrate. He got extra treats and extra loves by everyone all day.

Happy Birthday, Fatcat!

Unfortunately, I ended up waking up very sick. But, lucky for me, Panda is the best friend ever and brought me cookies and orange juice in the morning to make me feel all better~

Reading: I've been on a crazy reading streak lately and earlier in the week completed The Hunger Games Trilogy. My mum bought me the first book from Amazon, and after getting halfway through it, I ended up running out to Target to pick up the last two! I loved the first book to death. Unfortunately, I did not feel the same about the other two. I'm still going to go see all of the movies when they come out, hoping that I'll enjoy them better than the books.

New Things: Back in January, I went to one of my favourite places in Orange County, named The Lab. I hadn't been since I moved away, but was pleased to find a new installment: a record store created out of one of those ham can trailers. The boy working was very interesting and knew more about music than I know about Disney! (and that says a lot) It was only after looking around did I see three records that I absolutely could not live without. The original soundtracks to Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Bambi. Even cooler? They unfold into books to read along while the music plays! Needless to say, I needed them. And they look perfect lined beside my Bambi painting~

See what I mean?


  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Kitty! Glad to hear you read the hunger games. I heard from coworkers that the first one is amazing and the second doesn't match up. I still want to read them and maybe watch the movies when they come out on dvd. I might change my mind though because I love going to the movies. But for sure I am going to read them soon :)

    ♥ Meowwzie ♥

    1. The second book definitely doesn't match up to the first one, but it does have an ending that makes you want to run out and grab the third one. I did not like the third one AT ALL. To my friends to haven't read it, I've basically recommended to read the first book then stop haha

  2. You reminded me I have to read the 2nd and 3rd books in the trilogy! Except now I'm nervous they won't be as good!

    1. All of my friends loved the second and third book, if that makes you feel any better!