Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Want To Be Forever 21

Yesterday was my twenty first birthday! And for the special occasion, my boyfriend Panda took me to Disneyland! Unfortunately, we didn't take too many pictures. And double unfortunately, a few of our favourite attractions were closed! Because my birthday is the day after Halloween, whenever we go to Disneyland, a few of the attractions are closed in order to take down some of the Halloween decorations, such as Small World and Space Mountain. The Pirates of the Caribbean and the restaurant inside of it, Blue Bayou, were also closed yesterday for refurbishment, and will be closed all Fall season. As disappointing as it was, we still had a fantastic time!

Panda looks so noble

And I look desperate haha!

I got this nifty pin that said it was my birthday, so throughout the entire day walking through the park, people would with me a happy birthday. One of the best parts of the day was when we were walking through Tomorrow Land and we noticed the wait time on the Space Mountain sign was on. Excited, we ran like crazy up to the ride to see that it was open! Their Halloween decorations for that ride mainly consist of projections, so it didn't take as long to take them down as it did for the Small World ride.
One ride we went on several times was Star Tours and it was fantastic! We went on it the first day it reopened back in the summer. Every time we go on, we discuss what planet we hope to visit. In the summer, Panda wanted to visit Hoth and that ended up being the planet we went to! Yesterday, we couldn't determine which planet we wanted to visit and decided to just let it be a surprise. Well, the first planet we went to was the Wookie planet! My favourite! Ever since I was little, Chewbaca has been my favourite character and one of my most beloved movie characters, so going to the Wookie planet was like a dream come true. We were also chased by Boba Fett, which was pretty exciting. The next time we went on, we ended up going to Naboo and through the Death Star. Vader used the force to try to take our ship down, but we got away haha
We also rode the Indiana Jones ride a lot. It's easily one of my favourite rides in the park. The group we went on with was fantastic, too! I love when people get excited about the ride's atmosphere or theme rather than just the thrill. At the beginning of the ride, you get a transmission saying not to look in an idol's eyes, and when you turn a corner, there's the idol telling you to look into its eyes. Well, the boys in our group were all shouting, "DON'T LOOK INTO ITS EYES!" and screaming. It was adorable and made the ride that much more fun.
Hopefully soon I will post a small haul of my birthday goodies!


  1. That sounds like so much fun! I went to Disney World for my senior trip and it was so awesome! I love the atmosphere.

  2. I'm so jealous! I've never been to Disneyworld before, but I heard it's magical

  3. hi! I just came across your blog, you and your boyfriend's names are so unique! their like the perfect blogging names haha, you two should start a blog together or something :)