Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Don't Need To Grow Up

My mum is so awsome. Every year, the school she works for has a book fair to help promote literacy in young children. And every year, my mum buys me a book about Disney Princesses haha. Last year, she bought me the complete Disney Princess Encyclopedia for my birthday. It's so thorough, too. It included Pocahontas and Mulan, who a lot of people don't count as "princesses" although they're in the cannon. It's only missing Rapunzel, but that's because she wasn't a princess yet. And this year, she bought me a book of Disney Princess themed cupcakes and desserts. So she basically bought me a book of my two favourite things. When she was looking at it, the librarian said, "Oh, I have to buy this for my three year old granddaughter!" My mum replied, "I'm getting this for my 21 year old daughter" hahaha!


  1. Just found you via meowsday :) cute blog.

    You even look like my fave disneyprincess, Ariel on this pic! :) have a great day!

    1. Oh my goodness thank you so much! I'm always so flattered when someone says I look like their favorite princess! You're so sweet

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