Monday, October 15, 2012

Shame On Beautylish

Okay, I don't typically get upset over things online. However, I thought that this was ridiculous, and terribly poor planning.

This is an email newsletter from Beautylish. As you can see, the main focus is about Barbie's new platinum blonde hairdo,. Meanwhile, beneath it, about 1/3 of the size of Barbie's photo, is a picture of a bald woman saying: losing hair, losing femininity. Can we just stop a moment and look at this?

First off, how can you make a woman feel good about herself and losing her hair due to chemo or radiation when you stick her underneath a freaking Barbie? Especially when the article about Barbie pertains to her hair. It's a bit disgusting to me.

Another thing I would like to say, long hair DOES NOT equal femininity. It's insulting to all the lovely ladies out there with bobs and pixie cuts to say so. Are they any less feminine than a woman with long hair? Of course not. And it's appalling to imply such a thing. One could argue that because it is breast cancer awareness month, that by "losing femininity", they're implying the list of breast tissue. Yes, cancer is one of the most devastating things a person could ever go through. But is losing breast tissue really losing ones "femininity". Not by a long shot. Breast size should not define what makes a woman "feminine".

Beautylish editors should be ashamed of this poorly planned newsletter. It's disgusting that cancer is trumped by a doll's hair style. Shame on you, Beautylish.

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